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  • Crime
The film will definitely appeal to all those who are afraid of the dark, because it convinces the audience that these fears... not in vain! The plot of the film " and the lights go out..."introduces us to the charming girl Rebecca, who returns to her home, where her mother and younger brother Martin live. At first, nothing bodes ill, but soon the brother of the heroine tells a rather terrible story. According to the boy, when he extinguishes the light in the room, a silhouette of a long-haired girl appears in the doorway. The creature does nothing, just stands there and looks at Martin as if waiting for something. When the light turns on, the place is empty. Rebecca probably blamed it on the raging children's imagination, if not one "but": before it pursued the same silhouette, the same girl returned home due to the fact that this creature again began to appear beside her when the lights go out. And this is not a hallucination or a vision. In darkness, becoming tangible, the specter of may well inflict physical pain or to do all, that he please. This is a very scary character, and she does everything to understand what is happening and to know why they are pursued by a supernatural entity. As a result, Rebecca manages to find out that this is the Ghost of a girl named Diana, with whom her mother was friends as a child. Many years ago, Diana died as a result of a cruel experiment, and, apparently, her soul did not calm down. But what does she want with Rebecca and Martin?

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