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From her maiden years, Stella Abbott lives with a terrible disease that hangs like a sword of Damocles on a girl and threatens to break her young destiny at any moment. The doctors gave the poor girl a fatal diagnosis and helplessly spread her hands – it is necessary to fight, but the chances are zero. Therefore, Stella tries to live every day as the last, to take everything from being on earth, because tomorrow may not come. The girl plays with fire, risks, gets involved in dangerous enterprises, rushes into the pool with his head, climbs the mountain peaks, jumping with a parachute, without feeling the slightest sense of fear. it's Easy to risk your life and not be afraid to lose it when you have a cross drawn on your back and death threatens to enter the threshold at every moment. The last eight years of the terminally ill have passed in this spirit and the gambling girl began to run out of ideas what she wants before the curtain falls. And then the desperate girl was urgently called by the doctor and solemnly said that the disease miraculously disappeared and the patient no longer needs to be afraid of death from cancer.Family and loved one are hosting a Grand celebration for a wonderfully healed daughter and sister who is embracing euphoria and a new portion of life's thirst. And after a couple of days, happiness and family well-being begin to crumble to pieces, because Abbott Jr. is no longer sick and she can report the sad news about Abbott Sr., who for years carefully hid, so as not to upset the poor thing once again. Parents have long fallen out of love and are on the verge of divorce, brother and sister sacrificed a career to take care of the unfortunate sick, and the boyfriend always agreed and supported on every occasion, despite the fact that often-densely, as it turns out, has a diametrically opposite point of view. The family house is about to take away the Bank for debts, because medical procedures and chemotherapy have dried up the family budget.all the sad news falls on the head of the unfortunate healthy, who is two steps away from regretting his magical healing. And she, by the way, for the first time in two decades of existence today to go to work, where the heroine got a job without education and qualifications. This is going to be fun...

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