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Family series-a product that is inevitably popular with the audience. This may be a Comedy about the clash of worldviews of family members belonging to different generations, or a whole Saga about the history of an outstanding kind. There are even examples of successful criminal thrillers. The new show from CBS "Life in Pieces" is designed in a traditional Comedy style, but with its own characteristics.nnThe series tells the story of a large, friendly and, in General, a happy family of Shorts. Although the lives of these people but happiness and success enough problems and failures, ambiguous situations and trials, the end of each story, in the end, happy or enlightening, so after years and decades, these cases will be remembered by the characters as separate pages extensive family biography. The project is built so that every single episode is told from the point of view of one of the Shorts-just as he saw and took what happened.nnThis approach is valuable because any of the characters-a unique personality. Take at least the senior Shorts – Joan and John. She-a strong woman (such claimed matriarchy), which is ready to help any of his three eldest sons, but exactly as long as they do not contradict her in anything. John has his own quirks-so, it bothers him that he is already seventy, and he tries in every way to forget about it. Therefore, to announce his own death in order to absolutely all busy Shorts gathered at his supposedly funeral for him-not a problem.

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