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Fantastic tape with elements of horror and Thriller tells a fascinating story about a meeting with an unknown alien organism. In the center of exciting events is an international space team. The crew successfully manages to intercept the Mars probe to study soil samples from an unknown planet. Suddenly, the astronauts stumble upon something that enthralls them. They are about to make one of the greatest discoveries in human history, and science will take a huge step forward. On one of the samples collected from the surface of the red planet, scientists find signs of extraterrestrial life! Mistakes can not be: they are faced with a new form of life in the form of a small organism, each cell of which is both muscle and brain at the same time. Joy our heroes simply there is no limit. The alien organism is growing very quickly in favorable conditions created in the laboratory of the spacecraft. However, the astronauts have no idea what they are actually facing. The crew began to rejoice very early, because this fateful discovery will entail terrible consequences. Found the body not just smart, but incredibly hostile and dangerous. He destroyed life on Mars, and if it is put on the Earth, all life will be doomed to destruction. Our heroes have only one thing – to kill the enemy creature before it's too late...