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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Would you like to read other people's sign language and recognize their real intentions towards you? It is these abilities that Dr. Lightman has. Only he with his mighty powers of discernment lies and confidence that each person lies at least once in a five minute conversation, will be able to help in homicide investigations, search of people, of freeing the innocent from prison. His Agency has become so popular that not only ordinary citizens, but also congressmen, the Federal security service and other high-ranking officials turn to him for help. Lightman's methods are complicated. He's a professional psychologist. And his team includes only the most valuable employees. Dr. Gillian foster and RIA Torres are team experts, Eli Loker is a method researcher. The heroes of the series are able to determine and evaluate the behavior of the suspect in a matter of seconds and not to miss the judgment. Proof of this are dozens of people released from prison, accused wrongly, found the real criminals and many complex cases unraveled. And there's only one thing Dr. Lightman can't do. He has a daughter, Emily. She is a teenager and very much in need of parental care and understanding, that sometimes her father can not give. But he skillfully unravels all her innermost thoughts. Emily has no choice but to start " reading "her father as he" reads " his patients.

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