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Original Title: Let's Eat
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: tvN
Creators: Lim Soo Mi
Description: In the American horror film "Food," the main character is a girl by the name Novella McClure. She's an actress, but her career didn't work out. Previously, she was engaged in a favorite thing, but for the past three years, she did not receive any invitation to audition or casting. The novel very hard going through its relevance, and on this basis earns serious mental problems. The most dangerous of them was the habit of eating yourself, against the background of neurosis. At first it was an innocent sucking of a finger, but over time the situation became heated. In connection with another failure in the search for work, her terrible habit becomes dangerous to the health and life of the Novel. The condition of the unbalanced girl worsens every day, and it becomes more difficult to hide from others the harmful deadly habit to eat the flesh. But there is hope for salvation, when suffering from delusions of Novellas tie a loving relationship with his psychiatrist. Can this relationship save a strange girl from self-destruction and imminent death, or is it all lost?

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