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For a long time, David seemed like a normal person, until suddenly he began to hear strange voices in his head. He was diagnosed with multiple personalities. He had to accept that he was mentally ill. But his not hurry to send in a clinic, and after, as he all -??? tried to to commit suicide decided, that best his send in a hospital. There he takes a variety of medications and tries to pretend that everything is good, that he does not hear anyone else, and that he can safely exist. So he makes everyone believe it and gets out.but it's actually quite different and he keeps hearing them all. And soon all discover that he has super powers. All those individuals who live in it, have some features, and help him in everything. That's just it now will not be easy. He needs to teach all of them to manage and not to spread all around. After all, as it turned out, they not only know how to fight, help, give good advice, but also very much like to argue with each other, and therefore the guy will not be easy. Will he be able to cope with this and get along with all the personalities, or he is waiting for new troubles?

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