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Original Title: Legend of the Seeker
Channel: Broadcast Syndication
Creators: Sam Raimi,Terry Goodkind
Language: English
Description: The action of the series "the Legend of the Seeker" takes place in a world where there is still magic. It is divided into light and dark. Dark carries destruction, pain, death, and light — good, love, mercy. It is in this world, in Westland, hidden from the outside world with the help of a magic veil, lives a young guy Richard Cypher. His serene life is destroyed when Kahlan Amnell enters the country. She's not just a girl, she's a Confessor. She came here to find someone who, as the prophecy says, must kill the main villain of the Midlands — darken Rahl. This elected and is Richard, which hid in Westland, when he was still infant. Having learned who he really is and what future he is destined for, the Seeker, together with the Confessor and the powerful wizard of the Midlands Zedd, unite in a single team to give the prophecy to be fulfilled. From his companions, Richard receives a gift of two priceless relics — the Sword of Truth and the Book of counted Shadows.

rnHeroes have a long way to go. They not only have to reach their destination and kill darken Rahl, but also to help all those in need. And such them on the way to meet enough. Not only new friends, but also new enemies await brave heroes just around every turn. One of the main dangers is the loyal servants of Rahl-Mord-Sith. Their squad consists of some girls who were taken from their families in early childhood and brutally taught the art of war. The last task at the end of the training was to kill the closest person, which made their hearts stale and their bodies immune to pain. Another obstacle to overcome Kahlan and Richard will be their feelings for each other. The Confessor cannot be the beloved woman of the Seeker, for he who experiences her power becomes her slave forever and no longer has his own will. Traveling, Richard learns that he has a sister who also needs his help. The power of the Seeker grows, but with it grows the problems that he has to solve. Will he reach his goal?

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