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American fantasy TV series "Legend of the Seeker" as a literary basis contains a novel by the modern writer T. Goodkind. The main character, Richard Cypher, served as an ordinary Forester and thought that he would spend all his life for this simple and pleasant work in the fresh air. But, the guy's life changed abruptly after the sudden and mysterious death of his father. Soon after the tragedy, a mysterious person named Kahlan Amnell appeared in his forest.nnThe woman claims that Richard's father was killed, and his death should be avenged. And this can only be done by Cypher Jr. himself. Kahlan reveals to the young man a secret: according to the ancient prophecy, he is destined for the mission of the Seeker of truth. A search for the ultimate truth he is destined with a sword in his hands. Because not everyone agrees that the truth should be revealed to humanity. And especially don't want darken Rahl – a cruel tyrant, to enslave the people.nnRichard briefly ponders – he becomes a Seeker and goes to fight. From now on, without dangerous adventures he will not pass a day. After all his chief enemy Rahl-still and the most powerful black mage several neighboring kingdoms. And many witches that are in his power, will be involved in the hunt for Cypher.

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