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Popular American writer Ginsberg is actively working on a new literary masterpiece. A well-known author wants to write a book about the exciting adventures. To realistically describe events, approach reality and find inspiration, he headed with a group of comrades in exotic Bolivia. Among the jungle, impenetrable jungle adventurer hopes to consider the appropriate plot for the future of the novel. Absolutely unpredictable travelers meet with Karl, who is an experienced geologist who earn money by exploring wild places untouched by civilization and human activity. It turns out that an unusual acquaintance has a good memory and knows an incredible number of amazing stories. Communication with him will bring a lot of useful information in the selection of material for writing a book. You can watch online movie Jungle 2017 in good quality for free, without registration.Carl tells his new friends an ancient legend about an abandoned cave hidden in the impenetrable jungle. In a mysterious place hidden a huge amount of jewelry. Smoothly from the exciting story, he goes to a specific proposal to go in search of lost treasures. Ginsberg, without hesitation, agrees, suggesting to get interesting, historical facts for the most original plot. A young geologist acts as a guide, showing the right way to the repository, hidden from those wishing to get there. On the way he informs that in ancient times, guarded the cave bloodthirsty natives, extinct subsequently. A group of researchers sneaks deeper into the rainforests, having no idea of the dangers waiting. It turns out that a new friend has their own plans this event.

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