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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Romance
No one can understand the human soul. Here, it would seem, a person has everything that another can only dream of, and he feels unhappy. That's what happened to Yun He Jin, she had children, a husband and her home, where she created comfort, and her husband worked. He really lived together, but the family has long ceased to be, men have long had a relationship with a young pretty girl, which the family or marriage with him was not needed, so that to argue their reasons were not. A deceived woman did not want to live, so she went to Sapporo, thinking there to commit suicide. But it is there that the desperate soul will meet a young guy who will re-awaken her interest in life. The only trouble is that in the same young man will soon fall in love and the mistress of her husband, and the young man will not endure such passions and will take his own life. And here the secret becomes clear…