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  • Drama
Turkish series tells the story of two brothers, the nature of which is popular, and their names. Guys called Guney and Kuzey, which means South and North. Hugo, in contrast to the quiet and calm brother, was characterized by a rebel and a bully. Despite the different personalities and attitudes, even when the agreement they came, the brothers appreciate each other. As often happens, both guys fell in love with a mutual childhood friend. The girl was quite understanding so I came to the conclusion that Kuzey is quite dangerous to people, even if just to be near him. But his brother was calm enough, trouble with his hand to wait no need. Soon, the fateful event of all swapped. The accident occurred in which güney was to blame, but, instead of the brother, in jail Kuzey. It is likely, if would Guney sat behind bars, he could adapt, but, fate decreed otherwise. In prison, as in the wild. The prisoner was able to make enemies, forced to participate in illegal battles. As a result of fight, he became the disabled person. When he was released, the guy changed his character. He felt that no one needed him. In addition, it seemed that parents were pleased that he took the blame.

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