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Originated in the late XIX century basketball quickly spread around the world. And now almost every school additional classes listed this sport. Strong and agile young people strive to acquire the skills necessary to achieve high results. They are constantly adjusted to automatic standard transmission and the tricks and spend hours throwing the ball into the Hoop from different positions to improve accuracy.among the students of TEiKO high school there were about a hundred excellent athletes regularly winning all kinds of medals and cups. However, star for all three years was a composition called " Generation of miracles." Talented athletes, collected full stadiums, showing to true judges and casual spectators excellent game from which at all took breath away. Basketball Kuroko watch online as the strongest opponents of their age group invariably suffered a defeat as soon as the site came out this great five.Few people know about the existence of the sixth player, thanks to the exceptional style of which impeccable basketball players have achieved success on the field. The inconspicuous young man of medium height deftly used his mediocre external data and could give a well – aimed pass to his partner from an uncomfortable position for the defender-as a result, the team earned victory points.However, with the onset of the final exams TEiKO lost her former position in the sport – the guys got a certificate and wandered around the country, enrolling in high schools. Beginner Tetsuya Kuroko has achieved its expected goals and was among the pupils of educational institutions grounding his. The guy on the first day have to think about this mug, and learning about basketball, written to her. A young man of medium height and rather slender physique has caused distrust on the part of future partners in the game, and even listened to a portion of the offensive comments in his address. Tetsuya with confidence claimed that thanks to it" Generation of miracles " was invincible. With a doubt in his voice, the head coach of the team Rico Aida gave a chance to the student.Together with him under the guidance of an experienced basketball player and pretty lady got recently returned home Kagami Taiga, who lived for a long time in the homeland of his favorite sport. The American style of play was drastically different from the Japanese, and the traveler belonged to the local team condescending, openly acknowledging the weakness of the training of compatriots compared to overseas counterparts. Soon the boys became friends and decided in that whatever was to take his newly opened school for grounding his winner's podium at the next sporting event.they expect a lot of strong opponents, but the main competition will be the natives of the "Generation of miracles", which together with the key character of the film "Basketball Kuroko" Tetsuya left TEiKO. Now each of them is the captain of his own team of high school students and intends to defeat the former partners.