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After a painful fall during the downhill skiing, a middle-aged woman Tony gets into a special rehabilitation center, where she must gradually restore the damaged knee. There she begins to think about the years lived and the love that brought her great mental suffering. For the first time the heroine met restaurateur Giorgio ten years ago at a noisy party. Literally immediately after meeting young people realized that they were created for each other. Their relationship began to develop rapidly: they went on dates, spent a lot of time together and eventually began to live together. It would seem that they are the perfect couple, and a gorgeous wedding and pregnancy Tony only confirmed it. But, as in any other family, they began to have problems.Even before the birth of the child, Tony realized that Giorgio not only hides a lot from her, but also enjoys the fact that she loves him very much. Constant jealousy, experiences, mental suffering and the unknown of what will happen next, gradually began to tear Tony inside. But the outcome of this complex relationship of two loving people? The heroine has to do a difficult job, understanding herself and her feelings. This is the only way she can understand what kind of person has been around her all these years and what they have achieved.

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