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Famous Christian knights, glorified by Maurice Drewon, Walter Scott and a little Dan brown, return in a new historical super series from the history channel, where the real story is artfully intertwined with a clear fiction and exciting mythology.They called themselves poor knights, although they were fabulously rich and had a huge influence on the Holy land and at home in Europe. However, after two centuries of hard and sweet life came the fatal 1291 and successful Muslim siege of Acre. Having been defeated in acre, the surviving Templars soon finally said goodbye to the East and, worst of all, lost in a hasty retreat the notorious Holy Grail, so many times became the theme of adventure movies. Further the plot is transferred to fifteen years forward and finds Templars on the eve of rough historical events which will enter not only textbooks, but also adventurous knightly novels. The power and money of the knights Templar not give sleep to the French king, ambitious cardinals, and even the Roman Pontiff. Surrounded on all sides by greedy enemies knights feel the approach of the end and prepare for the decisive battle, because at stake is not only stolen for hundreds of years of treasure, but also the knight's honor. And these guys know how to fight, so that the opponents got decent, the spark will ignite the flames and cover the French state.Closed at the request of the copyright holder

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