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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Six years have passed since the usual warm rain caused the death of mankind... He brought an unknown virus that killed people in a matter of days. The heroes of the serial dramatic Thriller Rain season 1 download, brother and sister, were saved thanks to his father, who foresaw the approaching disaster. He built an underground bunker in advance, equipped with everything necessary, a boy and a girl took refuge in it. The father did not, he left the city shortly before the start of the shower, leaving the children on their records. For several years brother and sister did not go from the asylum, but stocks are coming to an end, they need to climb out. They hope to find a father who may also know how to save humanity.The world in which the characters were, coming to the surface, is significantly different from what they left during the beginning of the epidemic. However, they manage to meet a small group of the same survivors, mostly their peers. Brother and sister became estranged from the people they don't know whether to trust new acquaintances. But the fear all survivors need regular rain, any man, soaking wet in the rain, dying a painful death...