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The main heroine of the Turkish TV series "Offended flowers" a poor inhabitant of the slums of Elul. The girl from an early age was hard: poverty, eternal dissatisfaction with his mother, stepfather. The joy of childhood, adolescence passed. Protection, assistance, understanding, compassion can not expect from anyone. At the moment when the named father began to show to the poor man attention not befitting the parent, the closest person did not intercede. The mother decides to make a choice in favor of her husband, sending her daughter to an orphanage. A sixteen-year-old girl learned early what betrayal was. An offended, humiliated, abandoned young woman sees no future for herself. In the shelter she has to watch the life of a happy family in the house opposite. These are kind, sympathetic people trying to help orphans in every possible way. They were able to teach the inhabitants of Sirotina that the world is able not only to take but to give, to share. Sisters in misfortune combined room and memories of the moved mountain. Plexus of different, and at the same time similar destinies, dramatic stories, sad events. The authors multiseries film carefully prescribed characters, and skillfully intertwined multiple storylines, raised deep moral questions.