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In the early 90's, the situation in a number of American years was no better than anywhere else. In Los Angeles, criminal groups and gangs quietly walked the streets of the city during the day and intimidated passers-by. Fights between two gangs could take place in the middle of the street, and the police did not take measures to stop the criminals. For several years, the city of their quiet metropolis has become a Paradise for criminal gangs. Young people from all over the country came to this place to feel the taste of real life, but few managed to leave here alive.Remained secret, why this city filled with criminals and life-support crime. Everyone thought it his duty to take part in podak that occur on city streets, not paying attention to the possible danger of being killed or going to jail. In the spring of 1991, the police mistreated African Americans, but the court was on their side. From that moment on, riots and massacres swept the entire city. A young girl, Millie, is in the middle of the action with her adopted children. Her friend tries to help her and take her friend with the children to a safe place, away from the angry crowd on the streets of Los Angeles.

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