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Original Title: Killjoys
Channel: Syfy,Space
Creators: M. A. Lovretta
Language: English
Description: American channel SyFy, specializing in fiction, fantasy, horror and other non-traditional media giants content, continues to build up its television base of fantastic TV series. We present to the audience a new exciting project SyFy, for three seasons managed to win the respect of fans and pretty good reviews from critics.The distant future. Human civilization has spread into the planetary system of the Quadras, where power belongs to the so-called Council of Nine. This College of the nobility, representing a powerful trading Corporation, manages its colonies with the help of police agents, popularly known as Killjoys. Agents receive the order for the capture or elimination of the offender and go on the trail of the offender, no matter what area of the system. he's not hiding.Partners-Killjoy John and Dutch could not get used to each other for a long time, but eventually managed to find a common language and common ground, despite numerous disagreements and different temperaments. However, this shaky balance threatens to fall apart when John receives a warrant to destroy his own brother Devin, a former soldier. With the help of a daring adventure John intends to clear the warrant and make the brother a new member of their police team, however, do agree with this of his partner?

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