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To date, Christianity has more than two billion people who adhere to this faith. The history of this religion goes far back to the past, when its founder Jesus Christ was executed more than 2000 years ago. He was considered a rebel who preached unheard of teaching, not to the taste of the Roman soldiers and the government. The film Killing Jesus (2015) – history of the formation of the Christian faith, which after the death of Jesus, brought to the masses his disciples. She brings the viewer of the film, which is available online on this site, at the time when the prophet was executed, talks about the prerequisites of this death, the social and political conflicts in the Roman Empire, which raged there at that time. His death changed the world forever, and people began to consider him a God. After his death, his teachings were spread by his faithful disciples, who suffered the same fate. If you believe the historical data and Peter was executed by the Romans as well as his teacher, and Jacob – stoned in Jerusalem. There are still many unconfirmed facts about the lives of other apostles. Historically-biographical tape the Murder of Jesus will lift the veil of mystery over the life and death of a great man who left a huge mark in the world of religion.

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