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America-an amazing country, it is sometimes unpredictable phenomena that are too hard to control. For example, it happens that from a large city there is a remote area, it attracts people with its charming scenery, but only a select few people know that in fact in this area there are many unexplained things. At first, ordinary citizens thought that these places were quiet and peaceful, and that the people living here lead a measured life in which there are no particular difficulties. But, this is just an image, in fact, there are such small places, which are still full of a variety of surprises than in the city. There is one area mired in murder. They have recently started to happen quite a lot. Members of the public are sometimes even unable to determine exactly how to interpret these brutal murders. I want everything to change, and people don't make it to do so. There are a lot of unpleasant incidents, people try to grasp what can be ahead, and the main thing to what all similar activity in the area can lead ordinary citizens. And now there was an answer to this question, when there were experienced persons who decided to start controlling the entire flow of Affairs.