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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the US there is a series of mysterious murders. Does the girl with the sonorous name Villanelle. Having Russian roots, she has been working as a killer for many years. Cruelly and methodically Villanelle destroy his many enemies and remains unbeaten.rnIntelligence agencies can not find the villain, and the cities are already beginning to walk rumors of a mysterious criminal, which is simply impossible to bring to clean water. The main character is cunning and clever, so I learned not to leave behind traces.and then one day a woman stumbles upon the case, previously engaged in clerical work in the us special services. She had long dreamed about the practice, but for some reason the authorities refused to notice the potential of eve. The case of the mysterious and elusive criminal becomes a chance for eve. The opportunity to show their abilities in all its glory.rnShe proceeds to analyze the evidence, and quickly finds a few clues that can lead to the very elusive person. Very Villanelle suddenly learns that her case took a new and very talented employee. At first, she does not take Eva seriously, but later realizes her operational advantages.so begins the game of two talented women in cat and mouse. Again and again Eva goes on the trail of Villanelle, and in the end, is on the sidelines with nothing. This case destroys her life, prevents communication with relatives and friends, because the only thing the main character can think about is catching a serial killer.it Gradually becomes clear that women have too much in common. Being rivals, they are closer together, and now the capture of Villanelle may result in unexpected consequences for eve.