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Everyday life of a police officer is an easy test for a veteran in comparison with household squabbles. Despite the efforts of the head of the family to reason with family problems, they only grow snowball and threaten to destroy peace. Relatives believe that the old "Kevin can wait 2 season" with their claims, but stubborn with his characteristic professional grasp is taken to unravel the troubles of loved ones. The man opens bright prospects of fun with friends. The former partner constantly throws his friend non-standard life puzzles, and the aging neighbor desperately teases the detective achievements of the current homeboy.Suddenly the newly appeared pensioner opens hitherto unknown pages of the biography of the next of kin. The cunning wife tried to simplify the existence of her husband in every way, because she simply kept silent about the significant changes or children's Hobbies. The seeing dad has to re-acquainted with the quirks of the household, at the same time to adapt to changes. The main shock for the inattentive parent is the daughter's affair. Migrant Chale becomes the main problem of the family, because his rapid deportation can break a girl's heart. The father vows at all costs to hold the wedding ceremony in time to preserve the happiness of his daughter and apologize for the past quarrels with his son-in-law.

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