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In the area there is a very respectable citizen Nazif. A man working in a Shoe shop. Despite the occupation, respect him, since he is there to protect the district from bullies and gang warfare. Besides, the man has a son whom from the earliest age the shoemaker teaches conscientious acts. He tells his son that food, thirst and the election of the Minister can wait if justice requires intervention. Justice is one for all, and there is no difference in it. Mahir grew up in a strong, fair man who learned the lessons of justice. Now he succeeded his father - it has been no less respect, and girls and rush into his arms. Many girls are ready to tie the knot with a handsome man, but the hero of the series has no time to marry, because there are enough worries without a wedding. One of them is an attack on his sister, who came with her husband to the store, was subjected to a brutal attack by some mercenaries. Having submitted the application to the police, Mahir together with the father went to look for the local authority, the owner of a gambling business of Dalyan as didn't doubt his participation in attack. He was on the place he pleaded not guilty. But promised to investigate and even to find the perpetrators of the robbery. Soon, the plot of the series becomes obvious by the fact that the guys working on the Machir dream of their own government and their own boss they are going to topple from his perch.