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  • Drama
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One of the newest examples of anime on the manga series School-prison watch online definitely worth. This is a fascinating story, which until the last moment keeps the viewer in suspense.rn

boarding school for girls Hachimitsu near Tokyo has changed: now it can learn and be boys. Five new students do not favor at all. They fear an underground student Council-a powerful secret organization made up of girls who practice cruel and humiliating punishment. Kiyoshi, Takehito, Joji, Shingo, Reiji, fascinated by the charms of Schoolgirls, decide to spy on them in the shower with a video call. The company fails, and the guys go to school.however, neither humiliation nor beatings can shake Kiyoshi's feelings for one of his students. The girl does not believe that the imprisoned boy is a scoundrel. Kiyoshi at all costs, decides to break out. Together with his friend Takehito, he makes many clever attempts, but to deceive the underground student Council where it is not easy…their businesses fail one by one. Time after time, the underground student Council, willingly or unwittingly destroys plans Kiyoshi and Takehito. Well-organized and calculated escape breaks because of the principal. He decides to get rid of his compromising collection of erotic photos. The man hides it, destroying the tunnel, which with great difficulty made the boys. But guys so looking forward to this outing! Each of them had their own plans associated with it!head of the secret organization of female students – beautiful Marie Kurihara. She's always surrounded by trained ravens that know how to spy and inform about the antics of the students. Marie hates men, she considers them worthless, worthless creatures. Resentful of her father, she takes it out on the imprisoned boys. With Kiese her special bills, and even the petition of the sister can not deliver the boy from the machinations Marie.but the hardest thing to fool is the Vice President of the underground student Council. This ubiquitous and very cruel girl does not miss a chance to humiliate or beat the prisoners entrusted to her. In adolescents, fear, resentment and the desire to be closer to the imperious beauty in a short skirt, boots with a hairpin and a whip are struggling…the complete opposite of the members of the student Council is Chie – sweet and charming girl. Between her and Kiyoshi immediately a spark, which causes the boy to go on the most reckless acts. Chie protects the prisoner from the vengeance of the student Council because she has a secret levers, able to calm cruelty of its leaders.Exciting and full of unexpected twists and turns the story of the life of teenagers with a touch of eroticism, full of funny moments, captures the first series. The main characters, despite all the difficulties and machinations, remain friends and make bold actions for each other. "School-prison" - an example of excellent, well drawn anime manga cult.