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Eylul is a talented girl with a rebellious character. She lives in a small town, and can not finish training. The girl is constantly kicked out of College for disobedience. After the last expulsion, the father beats the main character and ceases to believe in her abilities. And only beloved grandmother still hopes that Elul will be able to calm his violent heart.rn

Once in town comes to an experienced surgeon, Ali. He undertakes to teach at the local medical College, where with great difficulty comes of Elul. Teachers hate her for her insolence, and only Ali can see the girl's innate talents.rn

Becoming her mentor, the man forces the main character to renounce the former way of life in favor of a great purpose. Pretty soon the girl becomes a promising doctor. But here's the thing: she falls in love with her teacher, a talented doctor in the past.rn< p>Ali rejects her feelings for unknown reasons, breaking the girl's heart. Now Eylul has nothing but work. She spends days and nights in the hospital, constantly receiving praise from the authorities. Soon the girl was invited to work in a hospital in Istanbul. Her career is going uphill, but personal life leaves much to be desired. The girl is afraid to trust men, expecting from each of them of betrayal.what will be the surprise of Eylul when she meets Ali in Istanbul hospital?rnOnce he broke her heart, but now she intends to take revenge. It works fine, constantly exposing Ali in not the best light. The man himself is in love with his old ward, but prefers to hide feelings. Why did Ali reject Eylul, and what problems did he run away from in a small town many years ago?to be happy, the main character will have to answer all these questions. However, the truth about Ali and his past may be too harsh.