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AOI Tsubaki from the series "Chef of the heavenly hotel" is a responsible attentive student who prepares great dishes at leisure. Hobby the girl appeared from the moment in early childhood, it happened to her trouble. The fact that the baby left the mother, the future chef saved the Ghost. He procured food for a lonely girl, and only then did she realize that she was not in front of a living person, but youkai. And throughout his life, AOI communicates with supernatural entities, feeds them, is not afraid of the sudden appearance of any intruder in his house.Once the main character of the film "Cook of heavenly hotel" met a real God. Odan told the story of Tsubaki's long-dead grandfather. The old man did not have time to pay him the bills, so the beauty should marry a celestial, thereby covering the debts of a close relative. The student is ready to compromise, she is going to agree on compensation, but marriage with God is an unacceptable sacrifice for her. She found out that Odan runs a haunted hotel and offered an alternative.Since the young lady is a great cook, has been feeding youkai on her own initiative for many years, she will continue to serve the guests of the institution in heaven. A tempting offer attracted the owner of the hotel, he agreed to such a substitution. And now the communication with ghosts is part of the duties of miss Tsubaki, but not extraordinary gift of a brave lady.