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So live and don't know what are you holding on to the people closest to you. In this situation, and was the main character named Casey. She was no different from the other guys. Casey also went to school and skipped some classes because she didn't like them. She had a beautiful appearance, and so every guy wanted to be friends with her, and the girl just have to choose with whom she will communicate. Parents gave Casey a small section of the martial arts where she is studying today, although the other girls attend dance and vocal lessons. Of course, she likes to do it. But that's what they gave her here for, nobody knew. In addition, Casey is well versed in computers and can easily find, open any password. But that's not all. She has another skill, many do not know the way out of a given situation, but the main character does not even think about it, because the output comes himself. And then one day the parents told their daughter about everything. It turns out, they work secret agents and want, to their daughter became preoccupied with this same profession throughout. Still, the government needs her help. She must find a terrorist who wants to make the destruction to disappear forever mobile.