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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Raylan Givens-the guard of an order which differs from the colleagues, methods of detention of violators. COP did not stand on ceremony with the criminals, thus severely punishing them for violations. Therefore, even colleagues are often afraid of him, because a person with a bad temper is capable of anything. And one day, the authorities were tired of the antics of Raylan, and they decided to send him back home. Frustrated COP did not want to agree with such a conclusion. But soon he realized that criminals in the homeland abound, so happy to went there. Not knowing what lies ahead... Arriving at his new job, Raylan immediately began to search for criminals. And then he was lucky, the crime was solved in hot pursuit. As it turned out, crime reigns in the city for a long time, the policeman immediately takes up the fight against it, thus he crossed the road to local authority. Even though Raylan's a COP, no one's going to agree to his rules. Therefore, local criminals decide to teach a lesson to the police. Raylan, this was already guessed, and in the meantime, he started to prepare a retaliatory strike.