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Favorite comic book heroes back on screens in the film "justice League: Part 1". The confrontation between Superman and Batman is over. They realized they had made a mistake and succumbed to the cunning thing of villain Lex Luthor. Which ultimately almost led to the death of one of the characters. But thanks to these events, they found a powerful new ally — Wonder woman. Now it's time to find other members of a secret project to modify and improve human capabilities. This is necessary to protect the Earth from the attack of alien monsters. Not every superhero can face these threats alone. But together they will create a team that will focus all their capabilities.The squad includes Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Aquaman and the Flash — the fastest man on the planet. Also included in the amazing hero Cyborg. All together they will unite against danger. But, perhaps, to confront already late. However, the heroes do not despair and make attempts to protect the population of the planet. This time, the anger of our homeland will be unleashed by Steppenwulf. This is the uncle of another terrible villain Darkseid, and in combination his General. It's a pretty intimidating character. He uses the weaknesses of the League, namely its recent consolidation and "lack of understanding of the whole". So far, all the heroes fought alone. Now they need to coordinate and unite their efforts.The villain is known for his amazing military tactics abilities. He can calculate the opponent's moves a few steps forward. This is very useful to him in the battle with the strongest superheroes in America. Moreover, there is a chance to take advantage of the fact that they only recently started to collect composition and not yet fully settled on the base. But they have an advantage — mutual assistance and friendship.

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