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Martin Luther king is a world – famous freedom fighter, who defended the rights of the black population. Despite all the obstacles and frequent misunderstanding of others, Martin did not give up until the last and did everything possible to be heard. He knew how to raise people to fight, even if they throughout life felt like slaves and did not know what freedom is. The film tells about the most difficult and crucial period in the life of the great revolutionary, the period when he finally decided to change everything. The country has already hosted a series of demonstrations that have shown the world that African Americans want to fight for their rights, including the right to vote. But it is time for a decisive battle to be fought in a small town called Selma, Alabama. It is in this town that Martin Luther will face hatred and anger from both local authorities and ordinary people. But he will not give up, and will lead a crowd of people across the city who do not want to put up with his fate. As a result, this protest March will cause a great resonance in society and demonstrate what people are willing to sacrifice for their freedom.

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