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  • Drama
Everyone probably thought about whether it is real to be in the past and correct their mistakes. If this were possible, how would changes in the past affect the present and the future? The protagonist of the story, Dan Vasser, too, thought about it when his life was drastically changed. He had everything he wanted: a beautiful wife, a great child, a prestigious job, a car, a house... In an instant all was gone and he was in the past. Dan got the opportunity to replay his life and the lives of many other people. First of all, he wants to clarify the reason for the death of his beloved youth, with whom he wanted to tie his life. She crashed her car under mysterious circumstances. Now, knowing the future, can he change her fate and prevent the death of the girl? Will they be together again if he interferes with the circumstances and changes the course of time? How will saving his beloved affect his own future life? Anyone at all it will be, if not survive such trauma as loss of a loved one? The answers to all these questions he will find, when traveling between different periods of his past life. It turns out that he's not the only one who got a chance to make his own adjustments to fate.