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  • Drama
The melodramatic events of the series take viewers to the sixteenth century, in the ancient Indian subcontinent. The film describes the story of the great love of the ruler of the Mongols and The Indian Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar to the beautiful Princess Jodhi. As a thirteen-year-old teenager, Akbar received the throne of the Mughal Empire. The country was ruled by Bayram Khan at that time. Having a tough character, he proves to the young man that the main goal in his life should be the prosperity of the Empire by any possible methods. Still young, but already wise enough, strong and fair ruler Akbar captures many foreign territories, and thus expands the possession of his state. The fearless conqueror could gain power by force and spread the Islamic religion throughout India. Not wanting to admit it, the Princess ventured to meet with the captain, and to settle peacefully the case. As a Muslim, he agrees to marry a Hindu woman. In those days the people of these religions endlessly at odds with each other. Jodha had no idea that the worst enemy of her country will be her most favorite person on earth. A brave on the battlefield Akbar, could not resist the charm of a beautiful woman. The Princess won his heart forever, and a lucrative political Union became the love of a lifetime.