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The day is not set in Bertram Wooster the morning - not that he was all night carousing, and not the fashionable way misbehaved, and got into trouble. The case of extreme absurdity is considered, and a fair sentence overtakes a half - drunk rake-as much as five pounds of fine. However, Bertie Worcester is no stranger to such scrapes, because he grew out of it is not a worthy member of the English aristocratic society, and a slacker who does not want to grow up or independently settle in this life. He only does that shkodnichaet with the same overage fools, sleeping until lunch and participates in meetings of the club "Drones", where he deals with his comrades all sorts of nonsense. Bertram does not want to change anything and, satisfied with the current state of things, carefree lives on.Aunts don't like this situation. They look anxiously at his overage nephew and can not think of anything with which Bertie looked around and realized that he does not live as it should. And Delia, and agate are sometimes unable to respond adequately to the antics of a relative and soon come to the only their opinion to the decision. Both intend to marry Bertie to some girl from a noble family and find several candidates for the role of the future wife of a relative, but he does not want to tie the chains of marriage and is rejected from the ceremony of exchange of rings with both hands and feet. Aunts about possible objections and don't want to hear, carefully selecting Bertram brides.However, not only for the sake of funny misadventures worth watching this series. The second reason is Reginald Jeeves-a professional servant, who was commissioned by the Agency. Possessing rare manners even for an aristocrat, restrained and maintaining a serious expression even in the most ridiculous situation, this man conquers Bertie from the first day. The new Valet becomes an invisible shield from the brides slipped by aunts Agatha and Delia, and striving to dive under the warm aristocratic wing of a weak-willed and helpless rich man.

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