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Action hero and melee fights, known for its gorgeous stretch and unrealistic attraction to sports and crime dramas, old van Damme returns to the screens in a new role, parodying himself and the whole Hollywood. Forget everything you knew about Belgian karate before. In fact, his last name is Johnson, he is a former secret agent who has gone from an elite spy to a movie character militants. But this is in the past, and now it's just a tired, senile retired veteran who is too lazy to walk even for a newspaper to go out. The former star lives as a hermit in a big empty house, leafing through magazines, switching channels and longing for heroic times, when his name alone inspired fear of criminals and made the hearts of moviegoers tremble.however soon melancholy and melancholy will leave halls of the elite killer and the star actor who stands on a threshold of the coolest adventure in the biography. Villains do not sleep, the secret service can not cope, so it's time for the veteran to brush off the rust and return to his favorite action game. To do this, the spy needs to become an actor again. And the most pleasant and at the same time bitter in the forthcoming comeback is that the star karate again will see the former workmate Vanessa, the woman who left a deep tracescar in heart of the hero.

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