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Seth amber for many years, along with his team members engaged in the eviction from people's minds the terrible demons. But the main character of the film "Incarnation" famous Lviv exorcist in the usual sense of the word does not consider himself. Why? It's simple – he does not use any religious methods, does not hold a cross, does not read the Bible. My husband is a very different approach, which, however, efficiency is not inferior to the exorcism, and in many respects surpasses it. With the help of modern equipment, the hero literally connects to the minds of the possessed and helps them defeat demons. All this time, he successfully drove out evil spirits, but the events of the Thriller tells of a time when Seth was confronted with a demon, has a striking effect. With such an evil protagonist to meet haven't had that makes him doubt the success of their actions. But he can not act, because the demon possessed an 11-year-old boy Jake. The best exorcists have already tried to "clean up" the boy, but this has led to nothing but the death of priests. Now amber takes over, but will he be able to deal with the messengers of hell, took control of the body of a teenager?

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