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Original Title: Jack Taylor
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TV3
Language: English
Description: A new version of a very specific picture of the year 2008, around which was played quite a stir. There was a lot of debate as to whether to watch this horror film, not too much violence there and quite an interesting story. In any case, fans of this genre appreciated it.About a year ago, unknown attackers kidnapped a little girl named Lucy. Judging by the traces of repeated torture and really brutal treatment on the body, she miraculously survived. Finally returning home, she forgets the details of the horror experienced and can not help the investigation, because she does not remember her kidnappers.For all subsequent years of his life Lucy suffers nightmares and keeps trying to find lost memories, to take revenge on the monsters that ruined her life. Her best friend Anna supports her in everything. And here they come nearer to a solution and even make punishment of offenders of the past, however it doesn't bring long-awaited relief and freedom. As a result, the already difficult life of Lucy breaks, and Anna falls into a cleverly rigged trap.Criminals are members of a religious sect who do not shun anything, believing in their mission. Their main goal-to look into the afterlife and tell people the universal secret-can be realized only with the help of the virgin, who is destined to become a Martyr. Will Anna be able to avoid such an unenviable fate and not be subjected to terrible torture?

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