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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Whatever happens in life, you must never lose hope for the best. In every impasse there are at least three ways out, and you just need to find the right one. In series "Jack Irish" there was the same story with the main character. Jack Irish is a successful lawyer who leads the Affairs of influential and wealthy clients. But after one day, Jack did not solve the case of one serious client, this man kills his wife. Now the meaning of his life Irish lost completely. In order not to think about the fact that he was alone now Jack began to drown. in alcohol.with the help of a friend it was his friends and a little bit, but pulled it from obscurity. Now he tried in every possible way to depart from all Affairs of lawyer services. But suddenly, like a bolt from the sky, he calls his former client Danny McKillop, but our hero ignores the call, because he does not want to get into other people's problems anymore. He himself was the difficulties associated with financial problems, and related. He lost on rates huge amount, Yes still and in top team, in which played his grandfather and father, sold. And his most global problem was that Irish was still alone. But one thing he later did take the job, it was a murder investigation Danny Mackillop, a call which counsel was ignored.

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