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The main characters of the Comedy sitcom cynical black humor-five owners of the Irish pub Paddy's in Philadelphia. The institution is not very profitable. Despite the common business, people are hostile to each other. Throughout the action, it is not clear how they manage not to kill each other and not to destroy the common cause.Each member of the five is constantly trying to prove to everyone and all his rightness. They compete on different topics, not highly moral. Namely, who is more successful with the opposite sex, who can no longer steal as profitable to do, and who is faster behind him to gather the followers of the sect. Often the dispute can be resolved by bringing moral harm to innocent people around them. < p>

Dennis is co – owner of Paddy's pub and has a twin sister, Dee. Compared to other characters he is the most confident, educated, emotional and selfish. I'm willing to do anything to make others jealous.< p>

Cutie Dee – sister Dennis, works as a waitress. Even though she thinks she's altruistic, she's as selfish as her brother. In addition, Dee is sensitive to failure.< p>

a middle – aged man named Frank is the father of the twins. Previously, he was a successful “bigwig” of different cases. Not immediately joined the children and became a co-owner. Plays a major role in the dark Affairs necessary to maintain business.

Charlie is a complete loser, tantrums, not watching their own health, sniffing glue. Makes so wrong investments and gets into ridiculous situations, often staying on the verge of not stretching his legs at all.

Mack – Charlie's friend from school. As a co-owner of the pub, he is the most active Manager. He's from a bad family, his father's in prison. In seeking support from others, he too pulls out and his little who loves and understands.

In the series involves a lot of secondary characters involved in strange stories of the relationship five.

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