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Istanbullu Gelin Season 1 by Star TV download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Istanbullu Gelin
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Star TV
Creators: Zeynep Günay Tan,Deniz Koloş
Description: Despite falling in early childhood, the misery of Suraya grew up kind and helpful girl. And still the orphan deprived of support of the father and mother, she independently struggled with all vital adversities and turned into the strong, proud, strong-willed personality who never gives up and goes against all difficulties. br>the Profession of his girl chose a creative and brilliantly graduated from the Conservatory, is about to conquer show business, simultaneously working part-time as voice-overs for commercials. One day, by chance, in the middle of a crowded Istanbul heroine meets a young man named Faruk. This is a nice man, a successful businessman and a very nice person who shows a genuine romantic interest in Sura, and she reciprocates. Between the characters runs a spark, flares up feelings of passion and love, after a little time, both understand that this is not just a light flirtation or an innocent affair – this is real love.the bride does not have Parents, so there is no need to ask for a hand and heart – you just need to go to the registry office and live together happily ever after, love and be loved. Heroes and intend to do. The ancestral estate of the groom lies far from the bustling capital in the city of Bursa, where mother Esme and three brothers live. All of this brave team, led by the imperious matron, not very pleased with the replenishment of the family in the form of obscure orphans, after all, the bride's son was supervised local beauty, the proper kind and social status. The daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law communicate through her teeth, the brothers also do not forget to throw firewood into the fire of disagreements and conflicts, which eventually casts a shadow on the ideal relationship of the newly-made spouses. As if family, romantic and love problems were not enough, on the horizon there are troubles of a different nature and threatening scale.

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