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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The main characters of the serial melodrama" how to call this love " met under strange circumstances. Initially, people were bound by mutual hostility, which soon grew into love. Worth to watch the show filled with passion and tender feelings. The protagonist of the film Khushi, suddenly became the reason that ruined the wedding of his own sister, although she did not know about it. The situation is that annoying reporters did operaciuli report, which figured Chusa with Arnava, the groom's sister. As a result, the girl's family was subjected to deep shame. Because all decided to move to another place, away from gossip. The heroine got a job, where surprisingly, the head of the girl was the same Arnav. The man was kind and cruel type, which is treated with the competitors is extremely harsh, and was looking for a worker. Soon, people made a deal for a large sum. Naturally, Chusa owed to the chef. Sister Arnav suggested the girl to work off the debt her family servant, to which Khosa agrees, finding no other way out. Already in the mansion, the heroine begins to notice a different behavior Arnav. A man shows his strong character traits and it becomes clear that young people are in love. Watch Indian movies on our website, watching the development of the plot of strange love.