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The film Iron man tells about the events that took place in the life of the country and the brilliant scientist Tony stark. Here the viewer will not see a purely positive character in the truest sense of the word, but, of course, this film will make a lasting impression on everyone who decides to watch it. The film was released in 2008, but since then a lot of water has leaked. Then already all knew that there will be a continuation of the story about the super-hero in a hi-tech suit, but still nobody (except creators) expected to see Tony stark in one movie with a number of other characters of comics (Avengers), and only now it is visible what development the history which began in 2008 received. nnThe first part of Iron man is just the beginning of the exciting adventures of Tony stark, whose life before certain events full of excesses and pleasures. Expensive cars, luxury women, travel by plane and the performance of any whims - all this was Tony stark, thanks to his talent of the inventor and I know how to benefit from everything. He invented weapons of mass destruction that could destroy many people. But for the time being, he had absolutely no remorse about it. nnThis continued until Tony stark was captured in Afghanistan, from where he escaped thanks to ingenuity and his new miracle invention-armored robotic harness. But he was unlucky, because he was fatally wounded, and helped save his life, he created a mini-reactor, which stark soldered into his chest. But he did not stop, because after the captivity of Tony was committed by another person, and this is another new atypical development of the plot for films of this kind, because, as you know, he did not die native people, he did not mutate from the bite of an insect. No, Tony stark made himself. It was his choice. nnRealizing that it is impossible to fight evil with bare hands, the millionaire has created a special suit that makes it almost invulnerable to the enemy. And This is what a new generation hero should be like. It's Tony stark - Iron man.

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