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  • Drama
A number of critics and viewers believe that the basis for the plot of his mystical horror series "Invasion" creators have watched the legendary feature film "Invasion of the body Snatchers." (Even the names are similar, right?). Well, this opinion is also worthy of the right to exist. At the same time, it should be noted that the narrative line of the series "Invasion" turned out to be quite original, and the presence of mandatory for the genre of stamps is the minimum possible number.nnIn the story of a small Florida town called HOMESTEAD falls hurricane Eva. It all starts as a disaster series. Power lines are falling, the trees are pulled out by the wind from the rhizomes, the facades of the houses are brazenly raped by this element. The Park Ranger tearing the last strands, in order to minimize the damage from all damage. Under his feet he confused daughter, who talks about some strange lights. My dad's at work, so the daughter is not listening, and other adults, panicking, couldn't care less.nnAbout the words of a girl I remember after Eva finally goes away. Having sorted all blockages, rescuers find the whole set of dead locals. The catch is that the external damage to the bodies of these victims is not. Besides, all these corpses are completely naked. Here and other inhabitants of HOMESTEAD begin to remember that during a hurricane they saw some luminous beings. Aren't they the real killers?