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Original Title: Into the Badlands
Channel: AMC
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: An experienced warrior Sunny comes from China and goes on a journey through the lifeless desert for the purpose of self-knowledge and gaining the highest wisdom. His unexpected companion is a young boy who needs to cross the desert, but alone this journey is too dangerous for him. Sonny reluctantly agrees to accept the fellow traveler, after all the man didn't get used to the company, he is alienated and lonely in the life. A man accustomed to rely only on yourself and do not take responsibility for the lives of others. Once in the middle of the wasteland with a young partner, they realize that the desert is not as lifeless as they imagined. It is home to many villains, eager for the death of the city. Lucky for the boy, Sunny can stand up for them. Amazed at his skill, the young man asks him to teach his skill. The choice of the warrior no, because additional travel assistance may not be superfluous.

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