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Ready to go a real warrior to get enlightenment, to become mentally and physically stronger. This series will tell about the strength and courage of soldiers whose way is full of a lot of troubles and threats to life. The events of the series are developing in the desert where he went a strong warrior and his disciple, in order to attain higher knowledge. This happened in the future, when as a result of massive man-made disasters money, power and authority rule everything as never before. The great desert is ruled by seven barons, this territory is divided between them into seven parts. Keep power in the Desert of Death is very difficult, but the barons in this help specially trained warriors assassins. Such men despite their training mostly live about thirty years. The protagonist of the series Sunny is also an assassin, but he is much stronger than others. He had already reached the commander-in-chief of the guard of one of the barons and even became his personal adviser. His Baron for many years remains the most strong. But recently, his possession began to increasingly attack the Widow, she owns the land next door. In one of the fights miraculously managed to survive the guy from the enemy clan. Sane took pity on him and did not kill him. After a while he realized that the guy is keeping a very important secret, and for his capture there is a reward. Deciding to escape, he goes along with his disciple, deep into the desert. Will they be able to find the meaning of life in the journey.

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