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Original Title: Inspector Gadget
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC Family,Broadcast Syndication
Creators: Andy Heyward,Jean Chalopin,Bruno Bianchi
Language: English
Description: John brown always wanted to protect the law and be an exemplary police officer, but fate did not give him a chance to fulfill this dream. Instead of cheerfully going up the ranks, becoming a guardian, and then a detective, and someday, perhaps, to head the police Department, John performed a modest job of a guard and special respect from others could not boast. However, everything changed when John had an accident – his body was badly damaged by a terrible explosion. From the scene, John was taken to a secret laboratory, where scientists used it for a special experiment. After a long operation yesterday, the security guard was absolutely unique person, whose body is implanted with numerous gadgets and technical devices that serve as a challenge to turn an ordinary person into a perfect police officer. So John became an inspector Gadget-an indispensable fighter against crime, which, however, has yet to learn how to control your own body.

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