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Original Title: Inside Out
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Language: English
Description: In the life of 11-year-old Riley, there is nothing unusual. She lives with her parents, goes to school and walks with friends. She, like other people, has five emotions: fear, sadness, disgust, anger and, of course, joy. They live in the girl's head and guide her behavior, trying to maintain balance and find a common language. But things change the moment Riley's family moves to another city. This completely changes the behavior of the girl, she becomes more irritable, almost no fun, because in the new city she has no friends, and constantly quarrels with her parents. And the thing is that the main children's emotion – joy, lost in the huge maze of memory. Other emotions girls, sitting in his headquarters, try to understand, as them to do further. Each of them tries to take power in their hands, that makes with Riley not only sad, but and quite strange child. When the situation starts to get out of control, the heroine's emotions understand that it's time to make friends again and start working together. But how to do it, if the joy, which until then led all, is still somewhere in the maze of memory and can not go back?

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