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The plot of the biographical series, Strange angel season 1 download the fate of a talented chemist and rocket scientists Jack Parsons. From childhood he was interested in rocket science and jet propulsion, enthusiastically read sci-Fi literature, dreamed to prove himself in the field of science, which was considered fantastic in the thirties of the last century, which had the beginning of his professional activity. The economic crisis that broke out in America in those years did not allow the young man to get a decent education — he was forced to leave school and take more than a modest job as a cleaner at a chemical plant in Los Angeles. But the talent and desire to achieve this goal allowed the young man to make a brilliant career and to start a domestic rocket.But parson's interests were not limited to professional activities. He is seriously interested in the ideas of Aleister Crowley, occultist and Satanist. Commitment to this contentious doctrine and membership in the Lodge of the Templars has caused in society serious contradictions that led to the dismissal of Jack from the laboratory where the character was engaged in the development of space engines. Perhaps the commitment to the occult, and became a cause of early death of Jack Parsons, which was ruled an accident despite the fact that many of the companions of the hero believed that he was the victim of the murder.

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