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  • Drama
  • Crime
A joint British-Malaysian historical drama "Indian Summer" takes us to 1932. The British Empire lived through the era of its power, but the independence of its largest colony - India was still far away. Against the background of the stunning beauty of the landscapes unfold human tragedy in which there is a clash of representatives of the" civilized world "with the local" barbarians", where the richest natural resources do not cancel the terrible poverty of the majority of the population.nnIn the early 30s, this subcontinent was actually ruled by several thousand British officials. Someone considered his work as a stepping stone in his career, someone was not averse to returning to the metropolis put together on the local wealth of the capitalist, and someone seemed to sincerely believe that his presence here is able to help the suffering Indians a little.nnThe story begins to unfold in March 1932 – every year in early spring, many Englishmen fled from the exhausting hot Indian summer, established on the plains, in the cool foothills of the Himalayas. But here they continued to rule the unfortunate country. The fact that the bright, juicy nature of these places serves as the scenery for the described conflicts further emphasizes the tragedy of what is happening.

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