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Original Title: Infini-T Force
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: YTV,NTV
Creators: Kiyotaka Suzuki
Description: Distant future. Travel on distant planets have become possible, moreover some planets have become inhabited by people. On one of these planets was built orbital station "Infinity". From the strongest release of energy kill all the workstations. Moreover, now because of this possible global catastrophe that threatens the Earth. To prevent an accident on the planet sent a special squad, but it happens irreparable and almost all die. By some miracle, only Whit Carmichael, a specialist in survival, manages to escape. In order to establish the cause of the incident, to find Carmichael and prevent a catastrophe, a team of professionals capable of solving almost any problem is sent to the station. But the heroes do not even know what they will face. Soon it turns out that the station was attacked by an unknown living organism, more like a virus that turns an ordinary person into an embittered, blood-thirsty creature. The only one who can resist the virus is Carmichael. Now the success of the whole operation depends on him alone. Will the hero be able to prevent a catastrophe and return home?

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